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Stop saying that you went to the University of Life: Everyone has. Other chaps posted pics of celebrities they thought they looked like. I was aware that I was chatting with someone who, in another possible world, could have been my son. Despite being of higher mileage, I was often accused of being a catfish — that is, someone whose photos were too good to be real.

My pics were genuine, recent and not particularly sexy. I have no idea.

Men Dating Older Women - Why Younger Men Like Older Women!

I did get the occasional nasty boy. Should I have?

Debunking ‘Cougardom’

For those who find themselves back on the market, apps can be a real alternative to waiting for some toothless male to talk to you at a pub. Stats show a 30 per cent rise in single older potential mates. Sign in.

All Football. Karen Krizanovich. But the drawbacks are severe: there is a social stigma, and men are often pressured by their friends and family to find someone younger. Women are not likely to want more children when their partner does, and while many men say that their partner's higher income is a benefit, some research shows that can lead to conflict.

Why those reactions are so strong, says Alarie, is that cougars violate long-term social norms. One assumption in Western culture is that men value youth and beauty, while women value financial stability. Men have stronger sex drives than women, so these assumptions go, and are expected to make the first contact, while women are encouraged to wait passively for men to choose them. Further, women are constrained to reactive behaviors, by refusing or accepting a man's romantic approaches.

In addition, by their late 20s, single women are often pressured to take on the roles of wives and mothers. On the other hand, older women are expected to be asexual, or their sexual desires are presented in a humorous way.

Men confess: 22 reasons why younger guys fall for older women

Interestingly, in Alarie's qualitative study of 59 women who had participated in such relationships, she found that, by and large, the women had conformed to the social norm stereotype. They reported playing a rather passive role in the formation process, with the younger man taking the lead. Several mentioned that they struggled with the importance or impossibility of keeping to the youthful appearance cultural norm and how that impacted their relationship.

Her results showed that, depending on their age, women differed with regards to their experiences in cougar relationships. Older women were less likely to be affected by the social discourse about cougar relationships, were less preoccupied than younger women were about how long the relationship would last, and were less worried about whether they would miss out on having children or losing their partners as they continued to age. Share Flipboard Email.

Online dating leaves middle-aged women in 'single wilderness' | Life and style | The Guardian

Government U. Foreign Policy U. Liberal Politics U. Linda Lowen, a former radio and television broadcast journalist, has won national awards for her coverage of women's issues. Updated January 21, Key Takeaways: The Slang Term "Cougar" Cougars are defined as older heterosexual women typically ages 35—55 who pursue sexual relationships with men who are eight or more years younger. Cougar marriages are relatively rare only about 1.

Karen, 53, explains why she’s using online dating apps to seek out hunky younger men

Cougars can present both negative and positive images: they are independent, sexually confident women, or they are women who are striving to conform to the social norms of youth and beauty. Alarie, Milaine. Alarie, Milaine, and Jason T. Graf, Allyson S. Lawton, Zoe, and Paul Callister.

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