Upworthy if youre dating someone

Upworthy, Your Ableist Words List Is Asinine!

Heitz, Dianna Hillman, G. Mackenzie Weinger mweinger politico. Upworthy , Media , Social Media , Elections. Poking fun at Putin.

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  • Upworthy if youre dating someone.
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Fox News misspells 'spelling bee'. Obama seeks ACA advice, Putin puns. Sunday shows in 90 seconds: Obama heckled on 'nuclear war with Russia' at DNC event.

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Do you know Rand Paul? Average height, average weight. But where I go to work each day just might surprise you….

I write headlines for Upworthy. People ask me how I got here, but the job just kind of came naturally. Often, one of the bigger kids, feeling tricked, would find me at recess and beat the stuffing out of me, but it was too late by then. The lesson had been learned: That carried over to dating, but with mixed results.

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Personally, I think that sort of misses the point, which is that she was interested in what I was going to say. I mean, until I said it, but still. It still worked better than my other lead-in: I like being called crazy.

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Lunatic, by the way, is a synonym of crazy, unbelievable is not. Here are the second and third definitions of crazy from Merriam-Webster: Psycho is not a technical term.


The anti-politics of ‘Upworthy’

Psychos are beyond jerks. Jerk informal, noun means obnoxious. Some psychos might also be jerks but some seem nice until their psycho tendencies explode in your face. I met a woman who briefly dated Canadian serial killer Paul Bernardo.

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  6. She said he was fun and friendly, seemed like a nice guy.