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They live in two different worlds. Usually you put posters [up of celeb crushes] when you're a teenager, and you think of it as someone you admire, not someone you're going to date. Dating a celebrity also causes concern for potential imbalances of power.

With power comes more access to more resources, including money, invitations, vacations. So if you feel like the other person has power you will tolerate a lot more. Your threshold for what's painful becomes higher," said Greenberg. While she declined his invitation, she was struck by the dichotomy between his squeaky clean image and the manner in which he approached her. He was much older.

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It felt a bit coercive. When I got to his place, I said I wasn't sure I wanted to [have sex].

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Angie told Mic of the disappointment that came when she slept with the lead singer of a band she admired, after connecting via social media, then learning he had a girlfriend. For me it was all business getting an interview, but when we met he instantly started holding my hand and saying he wanted to marry me and then we fucked. He still texts me to this day and puts me on the list for his shows.

I called him out on having his girlfriend at the last show I went to. He was avoiding me apart from waving to me from the stage. I'm all about honesty. I don't like that shit.

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For the fan, finally scoring a relationship with the crush you've spent years Facebook stalking can cause extreme disillusionment. Because really, when you put somebody up on a pedestal, you're creating something that's not based in reality," Greenberg told Mic. Mic asked Greenberg what she would advise someone who came to her asking for advice after being approached by a celebrity. It's unlikely to be something that's lasting, because a celebrity's life and relationships in general don't last for long. By Sophie Saint Thomas. Related stories by this author.

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Why women's rights activists want a "no" vote for Brett Kavanaugh. He found it funny too. Freshman year I was dating this guy and he came over and stayed the night for the first time. We were drunk, all was good and then when the time came i find out a he was a virgin and b he has an uncircumcised dick.

When it was over i put my hand down into a puddle of what i soon find out was straight up blood. I turn on the light and my entire bed is soaked with blood as is my room, me, and the guy. It turns out i ripped his foreskin… I literally tore his dick.

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I had a one night stand with this guy from another town and got lost driving home. I ended up going in circles and drove by his house 4 times as he was sitting on his front porch and could clearly see me. He texted our mutual friend that we met through and told him I was a stalker. In high school I really liked this kid, so did every other girl. While hanging out in his bed room one thing led to another, we were naked… I knew we were going to have sex, and I said is it in?

He pulled out and came. I said I had to leave, got dressed and till this day we have only exchanged awkward eye contact. I was hooking up with the merch guy of my favorite band. He was from New Zealand and was pretty hot so when he asked me to go backstage of course I did. But the backstage at the Paradise Rock Club is an alley, so we were surrounded by vans and dumpsters.

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Right after he asked me if I wanted to have sex behind a dumpster, a homeless man came out of it. On the 3rd date got a BJ on the drive home, then saw her kiss her dad on the forehead to say goodnight… wild one. So after a few weeks of corny pick up lines and compliments, I finally decided give this guy a chance. He seemed nice and the date went well so I went back to his place. Little did I know he was a freak in the bed room and to much of my enjoyment he flipped and bent me like a pretzel, and had me on every surface of his apartment.

But the fun ended abruptly when he felt the need to throw me carelessly into the desk and accidentally tore my meniscus.


I asked to sit out and take a break and needless to say neither of us finished. I went to this guys apartment one night freshmen year, and according to him none of his 5 roommates were home. The way his apartment was laid out, two of the rooms one of which was his were connected by a bathroom. After we had sex I got up and went to pee, and almost passed out from shock. The guy on the other room was sitting in his bed, on his laptop, staring at me. Not to mention, another one of his roommates had walked in mid-action earlier.

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