Is dating wrong if you are a christian

A Christian should start dating when he or she wants to find someone to commit to in marriage, not just in dating. Dating should not be an end in itself. Dating should be a means to an end. Dating should end through breaking up when you realize this person is not your future spouse or it should end when you realize this person is your future spouse.

Dating should not persist. If you are dating a new girl or guy every few months, that is a problem in my opinion. Too much dating is a sign that you are missing the importance of a healthy season of friendship.

What does the Bible say about dating?

I say that because often times you can learn enough about someone in friendship to determine it would not work romantically before entering into a dating relationship. I believe you should start dating once you can no longer determine what you need to know from the friend-zone. I knew it was time to start dating Bethany after we had progressed as far as we could in our friendship.

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Much of what you need to know about someone to see if you should not progress with someone can be found out in friendship. You need to date, however, to see if you should keep progressing. Christians should start dating once they meet someone that they like but they need to progress past friendship to learn more about him or her.

Are they a Christian? Are you generally headed in the same direction in life? What state does this person plan to live in?

The Golden Rule in Christian Dating

All of these types of questions can be figured out in friendship. Why date someone when there are basic flaws in the match that could have been discovered in friendship? Christians should start dating once they have exhausted the healthy boundaries of friendship.

Christians should then get married once they have exhausted the healthy boundaries of dating. It's completely free - my gift to you. Type in your email address and a copy will be sent right to your inbox.

The Ones About Dating

Click here to visit Amazon. The Gift of Getting and You may also like: Yes, God will tell you who he wants you to marry. But God will not reveal all this to you all at once. Confusion and doubt is not an automatic sign that God is not in this relationship.

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Love is always a risk. Therefore God will not reveal your entire future with someone and remove your opportunity to love by removing your opportunity to risk. This dating relationship might result in marriage or it might not. God will clear that confusion up before he wants you to marry that person.

But dating is confusing. Through dating and through getting to know someone God will clear up the confusion and lead you the way he wants you to go. For as Jesus said:. For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many.

Should Christian Teenagers Date?

In some ways, as the above Bible verses explain, the Christian way is often more challenging. His main goal is to lead you away from God. Oftentimes Satan finds more success in leading you away by cursing you with pleasure rather than pain. Sometimes a relationship will be easy and sometimes it will be hard. He might or he might not. Seek Christ and walk with him through the pain. When people ask me what they can do to find a Christian spouse when it seems they are having no luck, I often tell them to change their environments to try and meet new people.

You can be involved at more than one church. I think each Christian is called to have one local church that they consider their home church. All Christians are commanded to be accountable to a specific church and to keep our church accountable. But this does not mean you have to pretend other Christians outside of your congregation do not exist. Church is more than a place to find a spouse. You can remain a member at your church while also meeting new people at other churches. When we see someone in pain, most of us want to help ease that pain. One way we do this when people are suffering relationally is to say overly positive things that are not true.

God can bring about glory through evil.

10 “Red-Flag People” Christians Shouldn’t Date - Explore the Bible

But to always say that everything happens for a reason and to never examine what faults we have committed is to set ourselves up to repeat our sins over and over again. Not every failed relationship is because of personal failures. But sometimes a relationship explodes in your face because you brought the dynamite and lit the fuse. We can always get better and grow.

Singleness is not a punishment. The Bible says singleness is a gift.

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