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If you get a good feeling, embrace it. Hopefully you find a mutual match and can explore the connection together. Again, this point probably seems like a no-brainer.

Speed Dating success vs Online success

Just remember to take a deep breath and actually enjoy the experience! Now you can head into your first speed dating event with enthusiasm.

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An expansive posture might involve a stretched torso, open arms and a spreading out of the body to take up more space. They also looked at "affiliation clues" — how much they smiled, laughed and nodded.

Why speed dating with us?

Then the scientists compared those ratings to the responses from each person's date. Would the date want to see that person again?

You're better in real life.

The researchers found that the more expansive the posture, the more likely the date was to want to go out with him or her. The pattern was true for both men and women, and it held up when the researchers tested a popular GPS-based dating app to see how users responded as they flipped through photos.

Photos of people in more expansive postures — leaning back, spreading out, opening the arms — earned more interest than those in contracted postures, with the arms pulled in, taking up little space.

That's likely to be because expansive postures can signal both dominance and openness. Dominance usually comes with access to more resources — an attractive quality in a mate — and openness signals a higher likelihood of getting said mate.

How to succeed at speed dating

Aside from commanding attention, such expansive displays — similar to those in humans — signal dominance and power within the hierarchically organized animal kingdom. In today's dating scene, people tend to make quick judgments.