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Spent his life in the library? Kids who get into Ivy schools are hyper achievers. In addition to having great test scores and grades, to get in, they must have achieved something incredible outside of the classroom, like being an All-American athlete or raised a fortune for a non-profit or maybe started one. They will be smart, but there are countless smart people. Afraid of a street fight? These schools have enough money to give anyone enough money to go if they get in.

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They have among the highest percentage on financial aid in the country. The question you can ask yourself is, can you keep up with this pace? And will he have time for you? Most are pursuing high-powered careers.

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Are you ready for a secret? As aardvark noted above, Ivy Leaguers are often hyper achievers. And hyper achievers are often quite genius. There is a very thin line between genius and crazy. A line that, in my experience as an Ivy League undergraduate, many of my fellow students perhaps myself included were precarious perched upon. The best places to meet us are at the bars around campus. UCSB constantly places high in the hottest student body tally every year They look like complete garbage next to some of the others most notably, Auburn?? If you're going to claim FSU has hotter chicks than the others, then that was a poor choice of photo to represent that claim.

There are some rough looking women at Ivies. I dont even know how you guys went to class with all those mingers around. Plus they're all boring and anal-retentive. State school kids party with hot girls, Ivy league kids get good jobs.

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Obviously this is not a universal truth but I think we can all agree it's generally true. Just to remind you, this is a website full of young people primarily messing around and we're currently on a thread discussing which colleges have hot and or slutty women it's not as if the topic is future interest rate trends or the dissolution of the eurozone. I'm not really concerned about how "seriously" I am being taken in my views of whether Dartmouth girls are promiscuous or Brown girls are hot It doesn't even matter that much. IMO, they only need to be 6 or higher and its all the same with me.

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You don't look at the mantle when you're poking the fire. Look at these MIT girls: Ugly chicks need love too I guess. The fact that there is a guy in there that I bet you didn't see proves that those girls are NOT attractive. I have high standards, but you must have cataracts. Princeton only Ivy that has a fairly consistent population of dimes. Sans the outlier here and there at others And people getting up in arms over state school chicks, have you ever hung out with a gaggle of Michigan State girls? No matter what you've accomplished in life, it's not happening unless you have frosted tips and stood outside the East Lansing Abercrombie and Fitch with your shirt off as a summer job in HS.

Okay, coming from a kid that goes to Columbia, I'll concede that we don't have many hot girls. However, we do have a very staggering ratio of females: To quote an alumnus, "it doesn't matter how much lipstick you put on a pig, it's still a pig. With all that being said, let's not forget that Columbia is located in New York fucking City. Tons of stunning, elegant, classy chicks, and a bevy of models and bottles , provided you know the right spots pro tip: That's like saying you're rich because you just walked into a bank lobby.

Just because you're surrounded by millions of dollars doesn't mean you get to lay claim to it: People who say they pee in the shower, and dirty fucking liars. It doesn't matter how hot, or smart, or successful a girl is. Any sane man that has experienced a relationship long enough to be marriage material knows that the "checklist" means jack shit. Once you're 3 years deep, all bets are off and your checklist goes right out the window. By then, you're tired of fucking her anyway, so hotness doesn't matter.

And now she's comfortable enough with you to nag at you every day for shit that used to be endearing. Yeah, they're called settlers. There's a time for that I suppose, I'm not gonna hate on such people because I dont know where I will be but now is not that time for all that talk. I can't fuck girls who aren't perfect 10's anymore. Too many of these Ivy broads have bad breath, armpit odors, bad hair, plus they look like shit in the morning, and don't dress too well. Funny thing is, you can never bang a perfect 10 girl. The whole point in a perfect 10 is that she is completely elusive, because once you've been with her you will automatically downgrade her and find another girl that is more attractive than her.

That's my philosophy anyway. The best you can do is a 9. Here's are pic with her and the rapper B. Natalie Portman also graduated from Harvard. Can't argue with that, she's a babe. I picked out a shirt for you, they're on sale: Once you go black Maybe because you found it necessary to say "For the guys interested in black chicks". Why the hell would a black guy say that? Going further why would anyone say that? I'm interested in all women.

My name is not Robert DeNiro, I'm not only interested in black women.

So, let’s start this discussion.

Wait, hold on, racism question here: I just thought the term was a function of who you're attracted to, not who you are. Also, I'm just having some harmless fun and if you want to get all righteous and shit; I'm not here to prove my racist or lack therof credentials, nor am I here to piss anyone off, so if I offended your delicate sensibilities then I apologize for being rude, m'kay cupcake? And c'mon now, like everyone here doesn't make fun of everything and everyone? If you've got some good cracker, whiteboy jokes then man up and take your best shot I'm a big boy, I can take it.

LOL, chill man, I knew you were just joking.


On to the next thing: Apparently, I'm oblivious to the right way to do this? I guess you can say I do have jungle fever since I appreciate the beauty of all woman regardless of race. When I first red your comment about jungle fever, I chuckled since since I knew you didn't know I was black by making that comment. As I mentioned before, there aren't a lot of black guys on this site so it would be understandable to assume that I am non-black.

Lol, seriously, everything else aside, I wasn't assuming anything. I'm really a moron with this kind of thing and need your help Samara Oster is kinda cute? Because I know this forum is populated by mostly white, Asian, and Indian guys who tend to talk about non-black women when the subject of women is brought up. I knew that bringing up a black chick would deviate from the typical type of chicks discussed on this site. The hottest ivy league women. Jungle fever, as a term, typically applies only when the person attracted, male or female, is white and they are attracted to black people of the opposite gender.

There are different terms for crossracial attraction going the other way, black to white, and for both directions but same-gender attraction Of course, they have awesome application narratives so they get in. Let's talk about the normal girls that get admits.

They are, for the most part, busted. Granted I am not an expert on their careers but I am pretty sure they gradated before they hit fame.

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