Dating after jail

If you feel peace and not just all starry-eyed or sexually aroused after communication with him or visiting him, then you probably have something real. Trust what you feel, and if you get doubtful, tell him. You are sacrificing time, probably money, and taking a huge gamble on someone with a very shaky past. All he can offer you right now if his love, honesty, and transparency. If you have a question about something, he should be willing and ready to answer it and prove his answer if he can. I had a good friend that was on death row.

But he was able to get off because of some court things could not come through to charge him at the time of the trial. But he was locked up for 11 in half years. Got out this year in March. His family and friends told he wanted me to contact him. So I reached out as a friend!

Dating a Man Who Just Got out of Prison

We both started to write and he asked me to be his lady. He was kewl with it. But I put money on the phone and for food etc. I did everything for him. He would always tell me I missed u so much. But I picked him up in March of this year. He was doing everything for him an a sweet heart. But got around his crew are should say his ex baby momma family. He total turned away from me and pushed me away.

Do u think he really loved me or not? He started to say I was stalking him and just being so mean to me. I did everything in my power for him and he treated me so bad why? I cried my heart out and miss him so much and the kisses but most of all him. We talked everyday for six in half months. Do u think he has some kind of love or respect for me at all? Please need some real talk here.

Hello Crystal, if this man is looking in your face and treating you like a stranger, then as hard as it is, move on! I know it hurts love, I do. But any man, previously incarcerated or not, does not care for you in the way he should if he treats you that way.

After jail, he wants to get back together

Did he ever love you? Only that man and God knows. Trust God with your life. Perhaps He has something a whole lot better for you than some dude who is hung up on his baby mama. Keep your head up. Do you think he got rape and do you think he talks to other women.

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Those are answers you need to get from him. I give him money cause he really be stressing about not having money.

So I give the money to him to make him stop talking about money! Well I really like him we talked about marriage and just stick it out forever. But I think he just telling me what I wanna hear. And taking my money. So I did a test to figure out if my feelings for him just using me for my money was true.. He says I said u would never leave me. U can finish your time and when u get putt maybe it will be different.

In , I met my then boyfriend from write a prisoner. We lived in different states and his unit was about 3 hours from me. We began as friends and we took it to another level a year later. I went to visit him every other month and talked on the phone almost every day. He never asked for money. We broke up a few times and we became stronger last year in He end up making parole and had to take a 6 month program and after that go into a halfway house for 90 days.

We end up spending an intimate weekend when he had weekend passes from the halfway house and had a wonderful time.

This is what freedom looks like after decades in jail

The next day I left and he called that night asking if I made it back home. During that week, he acting funny towards me for no reason. He was on facebook and I was his friend. He was 2 months from coming home. He was coming home and wanted to dump me anyway so he could find other women to deal with.

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Unfortunately he did date quite a few women after me, but once they seen his true colors, they dumped him. At the end, it was a big old lie.

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I talked to him a few times after and he was doing good but unfortunately he went back to jail for a parole violation. He seems happy with her. God does things for a reason. He took this man out of my life because he was manipulative, had anger issues and was mentally abusive.

I loved this man and I took him back everytime we broke up. Would I take him back again? I was too blind to see the man he really was. I give every person a chance whether they are locked up or in the world. There are assholes everywhere. His best friend and I still contact. His friend introduced me to his roommate. My new guy knows my ex.

Patience Is Important

They were in the same unit. God takes people out to put new people in.

12 Tips To Dating A Prisoner

I was talking to a man for 2yrs whobwas in jail and he told me how he wanted to be with me how he loves me and when he comes home its all about us. I help him find his family because his ex girlfriend lie to his family about him so they stop talking to him. How can he just stop feeling a certain way for me after 2 yrs.

My boyfriend and I met online on December and we have been talking everyday and skyping too.


He is a soldier, and he is now in prison for 3 months now, for political reasons that he is innocent from. I know he is innocent, because he was only a soldier for a couple of months so he got imprisoned before finishing a year. My boyfriend and I are from different countries, I had no idea how to reach him at first and I did not know if he were alive or not. Then, I found his family online and they told me he is good and healthy but he is in prison. Since this is a political case we have no idea when he will go out, but he sent me letters saying just wait for 1 year, after that year you can get married to another guy if you want, but please wait for me.